Decorative Surface Coatings

Adding Safety To Every Use

100% Australian owned

We are a 100% Australian owned company. Our policy is to continue our tradition as a specialist developer and keenly competitive manufacturer of specialised coated products to our ever increasing complement of customers.

Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Applications

Through extensive research and development in conjunction with our coating expertise and reclamation and experience, we have developed a range of superior colour coated products for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We are committed to further developing and increasing our range of products and look forward to introducing them commercially in the future.

Safety First

Our key products are focused on adding safety to a surface. Our range includes slip resistant or anti slip surfaces in both wet and dry conditions. We also offer products that have a high resistance to chemicals including acids, diesel and petrol. Our range is hard wearing and durable.

AAA Environmental Rating

Our coloured glass products such as safetygrip, pool crystals, exposed aggregates, floor and wall spray render, decorative garden and pot plant glass all have a AAA rating environmentally as the glass used is 100% recycled. The use of this product prevents this material from going to landfill and just as importantly reduces aggregates being mined out of the ground.

Aesthetically Pleasing

With a variety of colours and the reflective beauty of glass, these contemporary products create a stunning vibrant finish to any surface. Applying colour to glass aggregate allows the surrounding colour to reflect through the crystal and therefore display the colour. The colour retention of coloured recycled glass aggregate is unequalled, as it’s specifically designed to compensate for surface degradation based on the unique transparent glass substrate which allows the surface colour to be completely removed without losing the colour appearance.

Developed and manufactured in Australia, coloured recycled glass aggregates are the best glass coated products on the market today.

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